Paul Goodman: Drawing the Line Once Again: Paul Goodman's Anarchist Writings

Drawing the Line Once Again: Paul Goodman's Anarchist Writings


Painting a vivid picture of 1960s counterculture ideas, this new collection of the late Paul Goodman's essential anarchist writingsfrom utopian essays to practical proposalsreveals how he inspired the dissident youth of the era and profoundly influenced movement theory and practice. Long out-of-print, these provocative, insightful, and incisive pieces analyze citizenship and civil disobedience, decentralization and the organized systemall while still mindful of the long anarchist tradition and of the Jeffersonian democracy that resonated strongly in Goodman's own political thought. A potent antidote to U.S. global imperialism and domestic anomie, this collection also includes a new introduction by Goodman's friend and literary executor, Taylor Stoehr, who explains why these nine core texts will thoroughly explicate anarchism for future generations."

This book is a much-requested follow-up to "Brain over Binge" (2011), in which the author shared how she used a basic understanding of neuroscientific principles to overcome bulimia. In this sequel and companion volume, with the help of fellow specialists and authors Amy Johnson, Ph.D., Katherine Thomson, Ph.D., and others, Kathryn Hansen lays out those same principles-and many more-in a self-help format that encourages and enables binge eaters to recover efficiently and effectively. Although recovery is not the same for everyone, this book posits that there are only two essential goals that must be met to end bulimia and binge eating disorder: (1) learning to dismiss urges to binge and (2) learning to eat adequately. As you work toward these goals with a streamlined focus, you will discover your own strength, develop your own insights, and put into practice ideas and behaviors that work uniquely and authentically for you. The Brain over Binge Recovery Guide is Drawing the Line Once Again: Paul Goodman's Anarchist Writings free download pdf comprehensive in its length and scope, but utterly simple in its approach: You will read and use only what you need-continuing on in the book if you feel you need more information and guidance; putting it down and moving on with your life when you feel you're ready-so that you can start living binge-free as quickly and easily as possible.

Author: Paul Goodman
Number of Pages: 122 pages
Published Date: 01 Aug 2010
Publisher: PM Press
Publication Country: Oakland, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781604860573
Download Link: Click Here


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